Farm Table Post

Long awaited blog post about our farm table we built late last year for the holiday.
Words are a bit hastily typed but if you have any questions or this gives you inspiration let us know…

Few photos of the construction of our country farm table in Wheat Ridge Colorado. The wood that comprises the Top, Skirt and Stretchers are from an old barn in Lakewood CO near our other house. Wife some how managed to get the wood back to the house wiht the help of a friend and it sat for 1.5 years before we moved and i procrastinated the project for ever until it was time to host X-Mas dinner for the first time.
The size and construction technique was determined by the raw materials at hand, it ended up being 8’8″ x 34″ wide and hight was determined at 31″ so our chairs with arms would go under at the heads of the table.
The legs are 6″x6″ and were mortised to fit the skirt and stretchers. I built the bottom as a discrete unit so we could move it in the house and then the top was bolted down by it’s joiner boards to the skirt.
The project was done with the spirit that was our farm table at our Moulin in France, which was a wacky day driving to Lyon to pick it up and ending up in Burgundy on the way home. I just love the sense of community that large tables filled with lots of people bring

Mixte Rig for M

M’s bike ready to be done, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Working on M’s bike, should be dun by her birthday in April. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime i’m leaving my current job and taking a new role that (so far) seems wicked promising like I’ll enjoy getting to go to work every day and i’ll be home every night, that’s big deal when you have little ones. Working to find life’s rhythm and hope to post creativity more often, stay tuned…

La Sphere du Sucre

La Sphere du Sucre, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.


Had the opportunity to be in Las Vegas for the IBM Information On Demand conference last week and was a good time.  The techy stuff can be found in white papers, and how i dont gamble or hang out with the other side of Vegas, i Eat.  I handily gained 7lbs in 5 days but this meal by its self made it worth it…

The most amazing desert ever. Joel Rebouchon Las Vegas. My god they put these restaurants in hotels these days!
Near the end of a perfect meal (in a 3 star Michelin joint) Joel Rebouchon Las Vegas

So it’s pretty simple on the recipe for this one, take a delicious cold lemon curd fluff type thing and add amazing blueberry sorbet. Mix in some wonderful floral syrup and candied violet petals and then seal it in a perfect sphere of sugar. Not in my entire life, and i eat and travel alot, have i ever been this amazed by desert. The food before made space and time its bitch, effing amazing. The service, the bread cart, the butter cart, the candy/cookie cart, next to nothing. Those who say food is merely to “sustain life” have never lived. The suckling pig with white beans was the best food i’ve ever put into my face. Wait, have to mention the potatoes, served with main course. I guarantee, if there was a christian god, she would bathe in these. 2lbs Potatoes to 1lbs of butter, my god. the prior courses were good, but not spectacular so the finale was like the biggest fireworks display you’ve been apart of, slow to start, good, great, holy cow, to dear effing hey-zeus. There is a reason that the tire company rates restaurants and there’s a reason this one of the best of them.

Moral of the story is… If you ever have a chance to eat this well, you should try, just once, i on the other hand will do it as much as possible and maybe bring the wife next time.

Bike #1

Bike #1, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Long time no post. Enjoying a beautiful day in WheatWater playing with the kids and polishing up ol’ bike #1. Added the constructeur rack and metal fenders last week and hit her out for inagural ride yesterday. 1 twelve pack in each pannier and all was well as for balance and speed commuting. Perfect bike now. Currently working on a buddies bike, but the road bike is the next one slated for improvement. New (to me) Dura Ace shifters and brakes and then some new wheels and tires over the winter.
Back to work for now…

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