I am a father, a husband, a man with too many hobbies.
We are retired from a life of French bicycle touring and splitting our years between the US and France. I’m a data monkey for a large corporation and I make bikes with a torch in the garage. Occasionally I’ll make some nice pictures with the camera and put them here and keep the world updated on another mundane life in the suburbs.
Feel free to ping me if you see one of the bikes that you might like to ride for yourself.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Steve,
    Just found your blog and find it quite interesting. I am sorry to hear about your cat. Dumb airlines. How are Michelle and Margot doing? We are all doing fine in Aurora. We now take care of 7 dogs so it is quite a noisy house now. Send me an email if you get a chance.

    Love you,


  2. Hey Bud,

    Haven’t heard from you in ages. You doin Fruita FTF this year? I’ll be down there w/ Margo and my bro-in-law. Hopefully this time I wont twist my ankle, or better yet, get run over by you! I’ll give you a buzz


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