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My hobby that has went way too far…

Belgium Post #1

I will tell everyone that will listen that Bruges, Belgium is one of the best places ever.

  1. The Beer
  2. The Beer
  3. The food (Fries & Waffles)
  4. The town and its laid back atmosphere and bohemeian lifestyle
  5. The Beer

I will have the patience to write more tomorrow for now, the pictures from the last few days including Bourges, Sancerre & Bruges…

Boats in Bruges

Boats in Bruges, Belgium

Night Scene from Bourges, France

Bourges, France

Church in Sancerre France (Shot multiple HDR with different exposures for building and sky)

Sancerre France

Cool Gate in Nevers France

Nevers, France April 2008

Market Square in Bruges Belgium (shot 10mm multiple shots stitched together with PS3)

Wandering through Nevers

We were wanderig through Nevers yesterday with Tami and Brad who came to see us for their first trip to Europe.  The weather was nice enough to have some burgers at Au Beauro and we cruised through old town to Ducal Palace and the Cathedral St. Cyr before being thwarted by mass at St. Bernadette’s place. 

Cathedral St. Cyr Nevers, France

The Virgin in St. Cyr

St. Cyr Nevers FranceSt. Cyr Nevers France

Another interior shot of the Cathedral

Exterior shot of the Gothic Architecture of St. Cyr in Nevers France

Travel Day

I’m sitting in the Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight to Paris.  WiFi is an amazing thing, paying for it is dumb, i’d rather see a few advertisments and save $13 for an hour. 

Spent Saturday taking photos of the old men skating at the Aurora Skate Park, the senior citizens were rippin… I got some good shots and they’ll be posted as soon as I have some time to process them.  Here is one of Bob while you wait…

Bob @ Aurora Skate Park

For now i’ll working in PhotoShop until my battery dies…