Welcome home Jambon!

Jambon #1, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

M found him a local shelter and now he’s in his permanent home. He’s a 2 year old St. Bernard, beautiful dog and perfect gentleman. It’s hard to believe that a dog this sweet could end up on the streets but it happens. For whatever reason, i’m glad there are places like the Denver Dumb Friends League to provide temporary housing for these great beasts. He just had the twins removed today, so he’s a little groggy and he loses the cone in 3 or 4 days. I’m sure he’ll be one of the pack by then…
Next post will be back to regularly scheduled bikes or jigs, whatever shows up first…

Michelle’s bike take 1

Michelle’s bike take 1, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Box of tubes from www.bicycleclassics.com/
I have not been as excited about a bike build since bike #6 my Columbus Campy bike. Greg answered emails nearly immediately and shipped promptly. I’m glad to see stuff like this still available to the plebeian, these tubes should make an amazing bike for the wife. They are a complete set of vintage Reynolds 531 tubes with the works package from Bicycle Classics. I ordered the Campagnolo 1010 set in lieu of the stock ones for a bit more but i wont regret it. The fork, i’ll use the Reynolds pre-bent legs but i’m going to end up with a Pancenti crown. So very excited to build this one. I’ll post the process here…

Actually riding…

Bike 5 on the trail, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

So pedaled about 9.5 miles connect.garmin.com/activity/121836645# on the new bike at Elk Meadows today, i cant believe how well this bike rides for a design of my own. Hell maybe i actually know something about bikes…who knows?
Bike performed wicked, motor, not so much. Lungs tired, legs felt good, knee was unfreaking bearable. It’ll be X-ray tomorrow and hopfully not the Ortho next but probably based on the recurrent pain. So, i’ll get them to cutting and slicing as quick as i can so i can have some days on snow before it’s time to ride again next year. All for now…


Bikes, Love and Life

Been putting in some crazy long hours at the thing that pays the bills leaving no time for life. Good thing i don’t mind my job…
On the side i’ve been soldering and putting parts on a new 29er frame. After Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, I’ve been stoked to ride so a new bike will help fuel that fire. I’m planning on getting 20-30 off-road miles on this rig this weekend, with my crap-ass knee, so we’ll see how that goes.
Ride Fast, Take Chances….


Portrait of a Tomato

Portrait of a Tomato, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

‘s what’s for dinner, we ate this guy roasted with some white beans in a tortilla along side some fresh baked bread this evening,…Twas delicious
I ended up with one of my favorite lenses this weekend, a 35-70 Nikon 2.8D and it has made photos actually fun again.

Nothing much going on now so posting pics of tomatoes…

Riding in the Take a Kid Mountain Biking day at Bear Creek Lake Park on Saturday, Margot is stoked as I am. Other than that, i’m off the bike until someone smarter than I tells me what the F*&! is wrong with my knee.

All for now,


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