Photos from Patinges

Still nothing in my head to write about the Bruges trip. I can’t wait to go back there but I’m trying to think of something profound for a photo story of the trip.

I did feel the need to mention the food at La Main Bleue in Lille, France…Freaking fantastic is all I can say. It’s of the Moroccan variety with possible the best tagine of lamb that I’ve ever had and I’m a huge fan of baby sheep cooked for hours with vegetables in a clay pot. The most unique thing about this dish was the eggplant fried in cinnamon with it, out of this world flavor. Spicy, Sweet, Savory, everything a man can use. Michelle & Brad had an amazing buffet with 20 different cold dishes and a hot lamb and a citrus chicken with olives that was good but in no way comparable to my lamb dish.

Here are some photos taken this morning on a quick spin around the neighborhood…

A road ridden so many times by me...

A shot of the Berthun farm on the other side of the river from the Moulin

Berthun Farm in the Fog

My trusty dusty Gerarhd packed for a neighborhood photo shoot

French bicycle out on the road

No more for today…

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