Nothing much to report today

The Julien saga is on hold right now, at least for the weekend.  My man at Lufthansa gave me the information on the person who let him go from the shelter in Frankfurt yesterday, but low and behold it was a European holiday.  Today I call her myself and she had left for the day.  He said she would call me, so I figured she would dial a phone and call me.  Stupid me…

I’ll keep both of you posted.

On a lighter note, i’ve entered the highly competitive world of thumb wrestling on an international level!!! Not really I’ve finally made it through all of the hoops to be a “contributor” to IStockphoto, which is one of the best in online images for advertising and design on the cheap.  They’re pretty tough to get with but their comments are correct when they tell you that your photo sucks.  We’ll see how it goes, I’ll have a bunch up there soon. Check em out.

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