Miscellaneous photos from my world

Everything is fairly status quo around the Old Mill this week. We had a super fun week again with our guests here, the weather was not at it’s photographic prime but great for cycling through the countryside of central France. We are on vacation for the next two weeks now, we’ll be heading to Provence in the next couple days to decompress and hangout in all that is good and right with the world. I should have a ton of photos to put up on the gallery when I get back. Here are a few for now…

Interesting wood work in the chateau of Ainay-Le-Vielle. The oak wood is from the Foret Troncais.

Architecture in Ainay-Le-Vielle tower

Just to have no rhyme or reason for this post, a shot of some strawberries from the market in Sancoins last week.

Fresh Strawberries at the Market

Purple flowers blooming in the new butterfly garden at Le Vieux Moulin

EDIT from Michelle:  Silly Dad, even the 4 year old knows this is a Buddlia Davidii !!

Purple flowers in the butterfly garden

Another picture of a lily pad flower in the L’Aubois river

Lilly pad flower Le Vieux Moulin

Interesting (to me at least) photo of a red pillow sitting on the chair.

Red Pillow Photo

I’m working on a ton of photos that are on the hard drive now and I’ll be shooting up a storm in the next few weeks. Have fun!!

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