Green Mountain … Better than X-BOX 360

So much to rant about today but I’ll get over it.  RTD, Denver’s public transportation is possibly the worst form of transit in the city.  I would rather be a driver than take this unreliable shit.  Note to RTD, it snows in Colorado, figure out how to communicate that your buses are running over an hour late on your biggest routes!  2.5 hours to get from the crib to the office…total distance 6 miles.  That’s the last time I puss out on riding.  Any way the Canon G10, which was recently aquired from mr Amazon has proven me correct.  I am for the most part happy with it as it has a ton of cool features and seems to be quite good shooting outside in the light (which it was purchased for) but boy does it make some noise inside.  I purchased the camera as my main camera away from the Nikon, it gets way better reviews and is so much faster in every aspect than the comparable Nikon.  It has 14.7 Megapixels which is stupid.  I know nothing of physics and the whatnot but that’s way too much data for such a small area.  It doesn’t fit.  If this camera was a 6 or 7 megapixel camera, it would be the best ever built.

Spent Sunday out riding the Green Mountain trail with Scott and only had a few moments to shoot as the rest of the time I was chasing his big ass just to stay within 5 minutes behind.  We rode most every trail on that hill and I have to say it can be quite a bit of fun.  I would hate driving to ride it but it’s phenomenal being 5 miles from the crib.

Spent some time before the ride playing with the camera.  All photos in this post are from the camera, no mods.  Lightroom to open and export to smaller JPG from Large Superfine in the camera.

No “art” here just snapshots taken with a point and shoot…

Green Mountain Trail head in January.

The behemoth at the trail head.  Still can’t get over how huge this rig is.  It’s holding up to my candyass riding it as hard as I can though.  Must be OK.

The macro function of the G10 is equaled by nobody.  It’s amazing how close this thing will focus.

Scott, being so kind as to wait for the guy with all the gears to catch up to his unsuspended self.

The trail head.

Green Mountain Panorama from the top.  Great day and great riding.

Ride your bike.  Ride Fast and take chances!

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