Mt Ventoux 2006(Archives) (3 of 7)

Pulling one from the archives. I talk about this ride to about any one who will listen. This is the epitome of a climb on a road bicycle. I did this climb as part of a ride from our camp near Vaison La Romaine France. I pedaled through the freaking most amazing areas in France which is the Haut Provence region. To Bedoin, across the silver line in the road and then up. Warning from the French riders I was pedaling with from Malaucene, 3kms then boom. What is boom i ask; B O O M! it meant. 3 kms of nice up hill pedaling and then boom in the trees to Chatalet Renard, then crap…. It gets steep there. The Mistral comes in and the road turns from the paltry 6-7% to 7-18% (in the corners). An amazing pedal, I stopped and photographed along the way (had no choice) and then descended back to Malaucene for 115-120kms that day. Twas a good day. Click the photo to go to my Flickr account to see more pics.

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