Niwot Criterium Race

Niwot Criterium 1of4, originally uploaded by steve_mitchener.

So to go along with my boycott of riding bicycles. I went out and photographed people riding theirs. This was the Colorado State Championships of Criterum and did not disapoint. Twas no where near as large as the Bannock Street races but the energy was high. (and i found a good place to drink beer on course) I paid some attention to the 35+ race which we showed for the end of, and Michael Gibson won it as he did last year. Then took it easy through the pro women’s class and then drank beer through the 3s and then made some halfed ass photos of the pro 1/2 class. The highlight of the race was laying in corner one and having Garmin’s Danny Summerhil nearly decapitate me. So much for the laying down for the good angle as the riders hang over you, they get pushed to the sidewalk and all bets are off. I wish I would have got a picture of the chainring as it nearly rolled over the lens but oh’well. Hope I didn’t slow his accelerartion up to much. Enough for now, I should have another illustration from this race up on Etsy, if I luck out with some developing.

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