Day 1 in DC

Got into DC on Wednesday last week and was promptly greeted by Scott and Mally to prepare for the big wedding this past Monday. Got some touristing in on Weds evening before a delicious but horribly served supper in the Ethiopian district at Etete. Food was super good but it took them 2.5 hours to serve us while everyone around us sat down and were fed and out before they even noticed we’d been out of water for over an hour. After that it was back to Mally’s parents in the back woods of Virgina for some sleep before coming back into the city for some exploring around the houses of the criminals (politicians) Took the Metro in from the outer burbs and did the Smithsonian Nature and Science all day with a brief coffee at the end we were back to the burbs for some copious beer drinking thanks to Scott. I’ll have a full beer write up tomorrow. All for now. Cheers.

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