Box o’Pipes

Box o’Pipes, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

To continue with my newest saga. Here is the box of pipes. You read from the other day that Scott and I started working on the jig to make wicked cool steel forks. I burned up all the gas trying to make angle iron hot enough so it only made it so far. Well I’m broke and lazy so I have not been to buy more gas so I’ve moved on. I’ve begun the jointing of the frame. Have all the pieces and the technical knowledge of how to do such work so I thought I’d give it a try.

Using tubemitre.exe to create the pattern on the 31.7mm down tube to mate to the 36mm head tube. Paper template taped on. I ended up having to put another template on after the hacksaw slipped. Centerline was drawn with a sharpie to assist when i get to the miter on the bottom bracket

Down Tube Miter with Template

Close up of the first miter. It’s still a bit rough but the temps in the garage were about 5 degrees tonight. I’ll finish with various half-round files. The Dremel didn’t do as well as I would have hoped. Sharp files will do the job better.

Down Tube Miter-4

So that’s the work for the evening. I’ll spend the rest of the week doing the ‘cold’ work to this frame as I collect the parts that will make it be what I want. I have a bunch of stuff going on at the job that actually comes close to paying the bills so I’ll focus on that and keep the interwebs updated when I can. Cheers!

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