During — Front Wheel Build

During — Front Wheel Build, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Decided to go with something old and something new for the front wheel. The hub is a lower end Normandy that I just bought from Ebay in Belgium. The rim is a Mavic Open Pro (Brand New).
The photo is of the laced up wheel. I’m amazed that I still remember how to do this stuff, I guess it’s like falling off a bike; you never forget how. Took a bit more than hour which is still respectable for an old man who types more than he builds wheels (someday that will change).
This post marks the change for Xvelo’s photography also. The D300s is packed and on the sales block for today. Too much $$$ invested in picture taking, I’m going to put it into shiny parts for bicycle building. All photos going forward for the blog and flickr will be from my Canon G10. Let me know what you think or if you care.

Cheers for now.

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