Randonneur (Bike #4)

Randonneur (Bike #4), originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

First attempt at internal routing for the rear brake on my Randonneur. Technique wise, I’ve seen enough of them done by real bicycle builders so it went smoothly enough. Note to self: don’t use brass internal tubing (even though it was all you could find local) as it has the same melting temp as the rod you’re using to braze with. This was also my first time using the Henry James brass and Gas Flux flux. It was a different curve than what I had been using but i’m much more comfortable with it now.

The bike is coming along really well, the fork is 95% put-together with only some finishing work to go. I’ll have more pics in the coming days as the snow is flying here in Denver and I have 3 days off! The gas tanks are new, i have several ounces of silver and 2 lbs of brass with plenty of flux to go around, i’m gonna have fun!

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