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My God! Can People really be this stupid?

The people of North Carolina picked this retard to represent them in our government.  I’m not one for politics as I think both sides are by-products of a corrupt system that hasn’t worked since Washington (if in fact it worked then) I am not one to disrespect people for mental or physical deficencies (or maybe I do?) But this guy is a fucking retard, it’s thinking like this that makes us drive our SUVs to Walmart to pick up some ammo to protect ourselves from something we know absolutely nothing about!

as found on DrunkCyclist; my home for all my news and porn…I’m sorry North Carolina, I hope this fuck doesn’t represent any reality of Amercan (sp) life but it sucks that he does…Sorry sorry fucking state of affairs.  If this guy ever gets off the meth and quits the latex male hookers, I hope he realizes the error in his ways and gets hit by a bus while waiting for a bumper fluid refill on his hummer.  Not that I have anything against people who think differently than I.

read more about this asshole HERE or HERE…That good ol’boy just sucks!

Away from the stupid people and on to some really creative ones found at this wicked site HERE

We all say we’re going to the garage to work on that “wood” project.  This guy really did!

the entire site is super cool with creative design, check out the whole thing!

Everybody needs to beleive in something…I believe I’ll have another beer!   F E A R

Ride Fast Take Chances  …  Night Ride Tomorrow … It’s gonna be cold, all the reason to drink more!